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About Us

Özden Group was founded by Hayati Babaoğlu, who has been operating in the fuel sector for 48 years. The main activity of our group is Wholesale Fuel Sales and Fuel Station Management.


Total Petrol Station in Gaziosmanpaşa, İstanbul and Petrol Ofisi Station in Pınarhisar, Poyralı in Kırklareli are registered under our company name. In addition, the operation management of Petrol Ofisi Fuel Station in Pendik which sells diesel fuel without SCT (special consumption tax ) and without VAT to the trucks which belong to U.N. Ro-Ro going abroad by ship  and the operation management of BP Fuel Station located in Fethiye Park Business Center, Fethiye Bus Station which was made by our company with build-operate-transfer model in Muğla, Fethiye are also carried out by our company.


Our company, which always works with customer satisfaction and responsibility consciousness,  has received a large number of silver and bronze medals and rewards in return for the Institutional Tax, which was paid to our government at a high level. In addition, taking part in the social responsibility projects that society needs is always a source of pride for our company.